#TrinityRidge #IDFire Afternoon Update ^NH

Current Situation:

Firefighting efforts on the Trinity Ridge Fire will be consolidated under the Alaska Type 1 Incident Management Team lead by Incident Commander Tom Kurth.

The Boise National Forest has reduced the size of the closure area around the fire. The revised area closure 0402-00-0024 (Revision #6) dated September 5, 2012. Details and a map of the current closure are available on Inciweb:http://inciweb.org/incident/map/3088/2/

Northern Portion of the Fire Area:

Firefighters continue to build contingency lines on the northern portion of the fire. Suppression repair continues along the western edge, following the suppression repair plan.

The Alaska Type 1 Incident Management Team will hold a community meeting in Idaho City at the Basin Elementary School on Friday, September 7 at 5:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for the public to meet fire management officials from the Alaska team and receive current updates on the fire situation.

Southern Portion of the Fire Area:

Progress continues as more fireline is declared contained and the fire operation moves towards patrol and monitor status. This has led to a modification of the area closure and the opening of the Pine-Featherville road, as well as the road to Baumgartner campgroud, to all traffic beginning at 7 a.m. today.

The corridor from Pine to Featherville and up Cayuse Creek will now be in patrol status from the road. Air resources will be monitoring areas of the fire, as some uncontrolled line exists in the Boiler Grade Creek area along Road 126. To the south and west, crews will need one more day of mop-up in the Green Creek basin before turning the area from Trinity Lakes down to the South Fork Boise River over to patrol status by aircraft. Fire crews continue rehabilitation efforts on dozer and hand lines, as well as slash chipping, road grading and snag falling.

Beth Lund, Incident Commander for Great Basin Team #1, wants to thank all those that have made this effort a success. She would like to specifically thank the Sheriff’s Department, Idaho National Guard, and the local residents for their patience and support.


Basic Information

Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Human
Date of Origin Friday August 03rd, 2012 approx. 01:14 PM
Location 2 miles Northwest of Featherville, ID
Incident Commander Kurth

Current Situation

Total Personnel 978
Size 145,788 acres
Percent Contained 60%
Estimated Containment Date Monday October 01st, 2012 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved Timber: Lodgepole Pine, Sub-Alpine Fir, Mixed Conifer, Ponderosa Pine
Fire Behavior Fire continues to back down from Sheep Mountain to the west into Sheep Creek, Pete Creek and Repeat Creek drainages to the confluence of the North Fork of the Boise River and the Middle Fork of the Boise River with creeping, smoldering, and backing fire… Trinity Ridge: Fire continues to back and flank in unsecured areas and interior islands. Heavy fuels continue to burn out. Fire activity picks up after the inversion lifts around noon and isolated torching occurs where winds and slope align. The perdominant fire spread is towards Green Creek(south). Fire behavior is minimal where it runs into older burns.
Significant Events Trinity Ridge West: Division B/C, Continue to monitor slop over in Division C in the Middle Fork. Continue to mop up south of Middle Fork in Division J. Continue to mop up and secure in big 5, Repeat, Pete, and Sheep Creek drainages. Patrol and support crews. Contingency Group continue construction of contingency line north to Rabbit Creek. Minimal impact, brush out one chain, minimal tree removal and limb large trees. Structure Group monitor Pine Creek Fire and stage for inital attack. Suppression Repair coordinate with forestry and operations for work on the west side of the fire following the suppression repair plan. Trinity Ridge: Type 1 crews making good progress in mopping and securing control line in Divisions A, S, W, and X. Monitor rehab of control lines in most divisions. Rehab and road clearing operations are continuing. Area closures remain in effect.


Planned Actions Trinity Ridge West: Division B: Prep Middle Fork road from fire scar southwest towards Sheep Rock drainage. Use T1 aircraft to slow fire progression towards Middle Fork River. In the Big 5, Repeat and Pete drainages, crews will cold trail and mop up from H56 toward roaring river A/B Break. Division C: Patrol and mop up burnout along hand line and Middle Fork River Contingency Group: Continue prep of contingency line. Limb and thin ladder fuels to 1 chain deep from line (greater if needed). Brush access roads, helispots and safety zones where needed. Identify sections of lines not accessible to engines or skidgines and plan for hose lays. Division E/J: Unstaffed. Rehab Group: Use rehab plan standards on areas designated by forest. Structure Group: Work with local officials to establish structure protection plan as approved by OPS Road Group: Keep roads maintained for incident use… Trinity Ridge: Improve and mop up controlled line in Div. A, S, W, and X to secure the south flank. Continue rehab of control lines. Air resources are still needed fot fire suppression on uncontrolled line, securing controlled line and backhaul of equipment. Forest highway 61 will open to the public but the area closure will remain in place. This closure will be amended in near future.
Growth Potential Remains extreme if fire escapes containment lines.
Terrain Difficulty High
Remarks Trinity Ridge West: All structures identified as threatened are in Boise County. The Idaho Air National Guard is providing personnel and equipment to staff road closures and provide a hoist capable medevac helicopter for the incident… Trinity Ridge: The Trinity Ridge incident is in Unified command with the Elmore County Sheriffs Office. The Idaho National Guard is providing personnel and equipment to staff numerous road checkpoints and provide a hoist capable medevac helicopter for the incident.
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